Traffic conditions on MD99 in north Ellicott City and on surrounding roads have long been degrading. Traffic volumes have been continually rising and there has also been the incursion of much residential and other development in the region. The road configurations and road conditions have not kept up with the changing needs of the area. Vehicle volumes routinely exceed limits set by traffic engineers for safe performance. Traffic back-ups are common and extensive. Accidents are frequent and dangerous. The state of how the roads function is now one of degradation and decline.  For drivers and other users, MD99 and the nearby roads are challenging, burdensome, and risky to travel.

The overall degradation in functioning of MD99, US29, I-70, MD32, Marriottsville Rd., Woodstock Rd., and Bethany Ln. has for an extended period of time either been ignored and or been the recipient of insufficient and not coordinated responses from local and state officials. Undue burden and dangers have been for far too long placed on local citizens as well as other users of these roadways.

Increased development such as that proposed by Elm Street Development for Bethany Glen and or other projects increases the threats to those who rely on MD99 and other roads in the vicinity. Adding more traffic and more intersections on roads that are already beyond the capacity and conditions for which they were constructed is not a good faith path of service to the community for any entity — for any purpose — to pursue.

HOWARD COUNTY AND MARYLAND STATE OFFICIALS CANNOT CONTINUE TO IGNORE THESE URGENT AND PRESSING PROBLEMS. Local and state government officials are urged to work with citizens to ensure that MD99 from US29 to Marriottsville Rd., local roads, especially Bethany Ln./Old Mill Rd. and Woodstock Rd., continue to appropriately serve drivers as well as the community. Solutions must be developed and implemented to accomplish the following:

  • Ameliorate traffic congestion
  • Remove challenging road configurations
  • Return safety to acceptable levels