All accidents vicinity of Bethany Glen 2012 through 2015

For the most recent years — 2012 through 2015 — for which both Maryland State Police and Howard County Police crash data is available, there were at least 418 accidents on the most congested stretch of MD99 (~US29 in the east to Marriottsville Rd. in the west) and other roads in the vicinity of the proposed Bethany Glen development.  Use the top bar menu to view accident counts plotted on a MAP. For detailed data on specific intersections or roads, use the links in the side bar menu (see right).

MD99 Accidents – Breakdown MSP/HCPD 2012 – 2015

The most severe accidents are reported to the MSP; HCPD retains reports on the least severe crashes. At the time of this web site, HCPD data was available for MD99 only, but not other roads. These HCPD reports of accidents are also counted in the data shown on this web site.