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Location Approximation – Mt. Hebron Manor

Mt. Hebron Manor, constructed in 2016, is situated between I-70 and MD99 at St. John’s Ln. Photos of this development provide a glimpse of a recent approximation of how homes at Bethany Glen might also be situated relative to I-70 and MD99. Homes at Mt. Hebron Manor are in close proximity to the Interstate and inhabitants experience it visually (vehicles, lights, smog), audibly (drone of vehicles, horns, air brakes, sirens, radios and other noises) and olfactorily (exhaust) day and night.

I-70 traffic as seen from home interior
I-70 sound barrier and traffic as seen from rear window of home
I-70 traffic as seen across roofline
I-70 wooden sound barrier wall at Mt. Hebron Manor

MD99 Head-On Collision July 13th, 2016

Pictured is the aftermath of an apparent head-on collision on MD99 just west of the Allenford development at Green Clover Dr. The car here is resting against a tree it ripped from the ground on the eastbound side of MD99. The accident was recalled by nearby residents as having occurred in broad daylight, prior to 6:00 PM. Another car came to rest a distance away at the entrance to Allenford. Both vehicles sustained heavy front-end damage.

July 13th, 2016 – aftermath of apparent head-on collision on MD 99 just west of Green Clover Dr.

Accident Damage – MD99 west of Bracken Dr.

In February 2017, evidence of an accident was left on MD99 just west of Bracken Dr. The State Highway Administration (SHA) was unaware and unable to report what happened. Multiple contacts were required to have demolished signage marking this dangerous curve replaced.

Accident tire marks – MD99 west of Bracken Dr.
Accident MD99 west of Bracken Dr. – road sign down

Accident MD99 west of Bracken Dr. – damage to resident’s fence

Bethany Ln. Blocked Due to Accident May 27th, 2017

Photo supplied by a local community member. She described the accident as a “major accident this afternoon at Bethany Ln. near Postwick Rd. … Fire and rescue were on the scene. One car was driven off Bethany Ln. and two others were pulled over nearby.” It is important to note that the development proposed by Elm Street Development, Bethany Glen, plans to place an intersection near the site of this accident.

Fire and rescue on scene of accident on Bethany Ln. near Postwick Rd., May 27th, 2017

Frightening Accident June 13th, 2017 at MD99/Bethany Ln. Intersection

The photo below was captured because a frightening vehicle accident had just occurred at the intersection of MD99 and Bethany Ln. The accident occurred on the evening of Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at about 6:50 PM.  To the surrounding community, the intersection is known as an all-too-common place for serious crashes. Witnessed after the accident, the damage to the two involved vehicles was extensive. It is unknown if there were also any personal injuries. Occurring with a lot of daylight remaining, traffic was backed up on both MD99 and Bethany Ln.  An SUV with heavy damage to the passenger side and side curtain air bags deployed came to rest alongisde Bethany Ln. The other vehicle, as shown in the picture, was a pickup truck; it remained in the intersection facing westward on MD99.  The driver side front corner was crushed (not able to be shown in this picture).

June 13th, 2017 accident at the intersection of MD99 and Bethany Ln.

Serious Accident February 2nd, 2018 on Bethany Ln.

At around 9 PM on Friday, February 2nd, 2018, HCFR blocked drivers from travelling north on Bethany Ln. Traffic was re-routed onto Postwick Rd. through the Valley Mede neighborhood. At least one crushed vehicle (silver) had come to rest near Postwick Rd. The area was brightly lit due to the number of emergency vehicles on the scene.  At this time, it is not known how the accident occurred and the full extent of property damage and potential personal injury from it. The photos below were taken on the morning of Sunday, February 4th, 2018. They document an unusually extensive post-accident field of shattered debris, skidmarks of more than a few hundred feet –crossing the center line of Bethany Ln. — and the point near Postwick Rd. where one vehicle had came to rest.

Bethany Glen Hearing Sign at proposed ingress/egress on Bethany Ln.


February 2nd, 2018 accident debris field in lane opposite proposed Bethany Glen ingress/egress
Car near accident debris field
Bethany Ln. accident debris field, from the north
Cars on Bethany Ln. passing February 2nd, 2018 accident debris field.
Skidmark from February 2nd, 2018 accident on Bethany Ln.
Skidmark endpoint near Postwick Rd.